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Reparations > Enslavement < Colonialism

If you are educated on your true history, you will know that America and European countries enriched their nations from the kidnapping, rape, mutilation, murder, enslavement and colonisation of Africans over a sustained period of 400 years.  


We must Repair the damaged caused by this long period of aggression and demand the guilty nations reform their educational curriculum, reform their anti-African economic policies and pay financial compensation NOW!!!

Reparations is not just about financial compensation. - although this figure for African Americans alone currently stands at $1.5 Million for each descendant of enslaved Africans, yet this amount is considered grossly underestimated.  Reparations are due to ALL People of African Descent around the world, including North & South America, India, Australia, Indonesia and All African Nations.

Reparations is about "Repairing" the social, economic and spiritual damage caused by this unprecedented unbroken attack on African Civilisation.  


They must Pay Reparations NOW!!!


The Financial Compensation will assist all People of African Descent in establishing the necessary social, educational, housing and economical structures required to Rebuild Our Nation.

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