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For example, I had a video about fake entrepreneurs. But I trimmed it so I got only the clips that showed the motivations of someone who wanted to become rich. I merged it with the theme song from the movie The Hunger Games, added some thumping beats, and built this nice motivational video. You can use Youtube for video loops, but for a serious video project, there is another tool for you: the Video Editor or the Movie Editor from Vimeo. What is a Video Editor? If you create a video, you will have to be able to combine a number of separate clips with each other. The traditional way to do this is to use an editor that has a timeline. You can record a video, and afterwards reorder the shots by dragging them along the timeline. This way, you can arrange your video in a timeline, from the beginning to the end, and can add voiceovers and captions. But sometimes, you just want to put a couple of video clips next to each other and mix them with your soundtrack. You want to mix the soundtrack with a simple video clip. For example, you want to play a video clip over the end of your recorded voiceover, or you want to show a picture of a product you sell and a video of your product in action. This is where you want to use an editor. The Vimeo editor (it is part of their Video Editor) is a program that can help you create such videos. It is similar to YouTube in that you can place video clips and add pictures or text to your videos. The difference is that you can create and edit videos in a timeline, just like you can with a video editor. You can use the Movie Editor for both Vimeo and YouTube to create videos that you can publish on your own website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, etc. And to be honest, it is often more simple and faster to use a professional video editor for your website than a timeline and audio mixing. What video editor do I use? I highly recommend the Video Editor from Vimeo. And you can see why. I tested Vimeo and Movie Editor, and in my opinion, they are much easier to use and powerful than the YouTube movie editor. I used a web editor and tested it on a Mac and PC, and the editor from Vimeo was definitely the best in both versions.



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