Updated: Jun 18, 2020

The global lockdown has resulted in a boom for Zoom, as millions of people around the world make use of its online meeting and webinar service.

In this age of Enlightenment, many people of African descent have been forced to contribute to the coffers of an organisation that believes Africa is so small, that the whole of West Africa is blocked into one hour of their time zones on their email confirmation!

There is no such thing as West African time!

West Africa spans some 4 hours in time difference, so where Zoom get the idea to say West African time?

Instead of ensuring their times reflect reality - much like British Standard Time, European Central Time and so on, since they fall within the same time zone. The classification of the vast land mass of West Africa into a 1-hour block called West African Time is something only the mind of a WSR can explain.

Seeing the enormous challenge of keeping Black Wealth within the community while using online meeting and webinar services, Afristoricals continues to provide solutions to help achieve Social and Economic Empowerment.

We are proud to give you the FIRST African-owned online video conferencing service.

e-Kwokwu is the first Igbo-owned online video conference platform, brought to you by Afristoricals and will be available online and on UmojApp soon!

"Ikwo Okwu" means to speak in Igbo, so we named this platform e-Kwokwu.

Join and schedule meetings and webinars on our secure African-owned platform.

Built By Us For Us!

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>> Stay safe and continue to maintain and improve our strict hygiene routines.

>> Eat African vegetables to boost our immune system... https://www.umojapp.com/post/covid-19-ii-african-defence-diet

>> Let's not allow the lockdown to kill more of us than the Coronavirus… Look out for your elderly neighbours, single women with small children and make sure everyone has enough to eat.

>> Exercise… Start with a stretching routine… go for a walk or jog (1 hour is allowed during the lockdown)… stay positive!

>> Download UmojApp and get today's Fact of the Day, stay up to date on the latest news and chat with each other in afriChat.

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