#WeRemember Biafra

The region of Biafra is made up of the states in the Eastern Region of Nigeria. Biafra's declaration of independence from Nigeria resulted in civil war between Biafra and Nigeria.

Over 2 million Igbo people died

during the Nigerian-Biafran War

which lasted from 6 July 1967 to 15 January 1970.

Today we remember Biafra...

Under the pressure of mortar shells and in less than three years, you demonstrated that the an African man can hold his own.

We Remember You:

• General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu

• General Philip Effiong

• Colonel Onwuatuegwu

• General Alexander Madiebo

• Colonel Joseph Achuzie

• Corporal Nwafor

• Okokon Ndem

• Christopher Okigbo

And all brave men, women and children who lost their lives in the war. #WeRemember

To Bruce Mayrock, an American student who set himself on fire, laid down his life to protest against the genocide by the Nigerian govt against Biafra. #WeRemember

Artur Alves Pereira and Count Von Rosen of the Biafran airforce who came to Biafra in protest against the state sponsored pogrom, 


To our brave mothers who cooked and sent to their sons in the trenches, knowing it could be their last meal. #WeRemember

Our little boys who went “combing,” a few returned, many did not. #WeRemember

The World Council of Churches, The Caritas, The Red Cross who saved millions of children with food aid, despite the blockade.


Millions of our Children who had no milk and died before their time. #WeRemember

To the brave hearts who stood up to the British armoured tanks but fought like lions at the battlefield. #WeRemember

Two Boys who shared a riffle so when one fell, the other will pick up his gun to defend his freedom. To the men who went into battle with five rounds each and must only shoot when he was sure to kill. The men who laid down their lives that I may exist. #WeRemember

All members of the Research And Production unit (RAP), with no help. You demonstrated that the black man can do wonders if only he looks inwards; Home made armored cars, rockets, beer from cassava, engine oil from coconut, the Biafran Red Devil (Armored vehicle), the Shore Batteries, ‘Ogbunigwes’ (Dust mines). Your ingenuity and your bravery.


Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Zambia, Gabon and Haiti, etc nations that hoisted our flags against the silence of the world. #WeRemember

The Nigerian govt sits on these graves and pretends it did not happen; but we in whose homesteads you left empty spaces. #WeRemember.

We shall solemnise your demise, and engrave your memories on our hearts. As far as man exists on this earth, we MUST remember you. Our gallant heroes and heroines; world without end. #WeRemember

#30thMay #RemembranceDay #SitAtHome

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