afriAlerts are back!

Ndewoo (Greetings in Igbo)!

I hope you all have your freezers stocked full of our V-ital foods… if you can… and are looking out for one another during the lockdown.

My thoughts and sympathies are with everyone who is suffering as a result of the lockdown or those who have lost a loved one during this epidemic. I'm sure you are all busy preparing your survival strategies for the coming weeks, so I hope you haven't missed the daily alerts which will be resuming today at 1pm GMT.

I hope the daily alerts help take your minds off the pandemic and on our vast empowering history. Since December 2016, UmojApp has been bringing you history from an African perspective every day straight to your mobile phones.

Along with the many thousands of self-employed people, I find myself in the position of waiting until June/July 2020 for any relief from the UK Government. A list of helpful links are listed below to help during this difficult period. I wish everyone the best of luck and stay safe. When the dust settles and the full statistics are in, we will see that most Africans will avoid contracting coronavirus due to our naturally strong immune system (see links below).

Sadly, a small number of Africans that suffer from low immune systems, have an underlying health issue or the elderly are at risk. Everyone should protect themselves. The practice of washing hands before we eat and general cleanliness is natural in Traditional African culture, so we must keep up and improve our strict hygiene routines during these modern trials. Here are some useful links to help you through the COVID-19 II pandemic… Coronavirus (COVID-19) helpline - Advice for everyone - Remember… >> Stay safe and continue to maintain and improve our strict hygiene routines. >> Eat African vegetables to boost our immune system. >> Let's not allow the lockdown to kill more of us than the Coronavirus… Look out for your elderly neighbours, single women with small children and make sure everyone has enough to eat. >> Exercise… Start with a stretching routine… go for a walk or jog (1 hour is allowed during the lockdown)… stay positive! >> Download UmojApp and get today's Fact of the Day, stay up to date on the latest news and chat with each other in afriChat. Android download: Apple download:

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