UmojApp is here!!!

UmojApp takes its name from the Swahili word “Umoja”, which means “Unity” and the logo is the African symbol of unity. The colour purple signifies the royal essence of all people of African descent, as we are direct descendants of the first humans on this Earth and who were also the inventors of Civilization.

UmojApp is the groundbreaking mobile phone app designed especially for people of African descent to have the power to access the best black-owned businesses and make economic empowerment a reality.

Whether you are a keen shopper or a black business owner, sign up for the UmojApp to unlock the world of Black Economic Empowerment and much more…

The unique UmojApp is an interactive mobile phone application that provides you with the powerful afriBiz rewards program, so you can buy from your community provider effortlessly for all your needs and earn rewards.

You also get daily alerts and news so you never forget that important date in African History.

Make personal and economic decisions that impact positively on your life and your community by downloading to UmojApp NOW!!!

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