With the global lockdown in full force, it is interesting to note that we are now entering the period of Ọnwa Ife Eke (Igbo April–May).

The Super Full Moon event will take place tomorrow on 8 April 2020. In Traditional African Society, we mark this event in a number of ways throughout the Motherland.

In Igboland, this period is usually known as “Ugani” in Igbo meaning "hunger period", so is described as a period of fasting. It is the period in which many offerings are made to the goddess Ani of the Earth.

There used to be many events hosted during this period in Igboland, such as competitive wrestling events, but westernization has thwarted the popularity of these traditional events.

Now is the time to find your Ikenga through conquering personal and communal struggle.

Ikenga means "place of strength" and represents the right hand of a man's source of power, economic success and physical prowess. It is the right that that he holds his hoe, sword and tools of workmanship. Ikenga figures are also used to store the owner’s Chi (personal god), his Ndichie (ancestors) and his Ike (power).

Chi is the spirit believed to inhabit each individual. Yoruba people call their Chi "Ori".

Ori / Chi is the personification of one's spiritual intuition and destiny.

This is a prayer to Ori in Yoruba with English translation, to help you connect with your inner spirit.

Bi o ba maa lowo,

If you want to have money,

Beere lowo orii re,

Inquire of your head,

Bi o ba maa sowo,

If you want to start trading,

Beere Lowo ori re wo,

Inquire of your head,

Bi o ba maa kole o,

If you want to build a house,

Beere lowo orii re,

Inquire of your head,

Bi o ba maa laya o,

If you want a relationship,

Beere lowo orii re wo,

Inquire of your head first,

Ori mase pekun de,

Inner spirit please do not shut the gate,

Lodo re ni mi mbo,

It is you that I am coming to,

Wa sayee fun awon omo mi di rere,

Come and make my life prosperous,


So be it!

There is a story behind the creation of this prayer:

The deceiver went on a twenty-years journey and never returned. The liar went on a thirty-months journey and never returned. Thus the oracle warned deceivers and liars when they were going on a journey.

They were warned not to deceive or betray others in the foreign land. Rectitude warned them, but they never heeded the warning. The warning was given because of the future.

Vengeance belongs to the Almighty, the King who recompenses everybody according to his deeds.

Liars know the truth but tell untruth. They call red what is white and white what is red for their own purpose, and by lying they injure other people.


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