Several reports indicate that Nigeria has reached critical level in its development as there are numerous problems including frequent ethnic and religious attacks, deep-seated corruption, ineffective federal system of governance despite been referred to as the Giant of Africa.

Nigeria is endowed with huge natural resources. By population, it has the highest and that signifies the extent of its human capital in the country. As already known, Nigeria has three ethnic groups namely the Hausa-Fulani in the North, Yoruba in the West and the Igbos in East. Ethnic conflict pulls down the expected high development, contributes to insecurity and youth unemployment.

Celine Akigwe, former General Secretary of the Nimo Brotherhood Society (NBS) UK & Ireland and now the Founder & CEO of Afristoricals and Creator of UmojApp, has given an interview to Eurasia Review regional correspondent Kester Kenn Klomegah in which she talks about some aspects of the existing problems and the need to drastically change the status quo in Federal Republic of Nigeria (FRN).

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