Eat African vegetables to boost our immune system.

Here are a selection of foods that will kill any attack on our blood cells and supercharge our immune system:

Bitter leaf

Bitter leaf has numerous medicinal values and benefits to human health and lifestyle. Find out the health benefits here…


Fights against cancer, increases fertility, prevents infection, lower cholesterol, tackles convulsion, combats diabetes, and other related illnesses…


A study has it that a lectin isolated from okra instigated cell suicide in breast cancer cells…

Palm kernel

Palm kernel is known to offer numerous health benefits that help prevents and heal life-threatening illnesses… Remember… >> Stay safe and continue to maintain and improve our strict hygiene routines. >> Eat African vegetables to boost our immune system. >> Let's not allow the lockdown to kill more of us than the Coronavirus… Look out for your elderly neighbours, single women with small children and make sure everyone has enough to eat. >> Exercise… Start with a stretching routine… go for a walk or jog (1 hour is allowed during the lockdown)… stay positive! >> Download UmojApp and get today's Fact of the Day, stay up to date on the latest news and chat with each other in afriChat. Android download: Apple download:

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