Updated: Jun 17, 2020

When we say "African" we are talking about every Black person in the World!

Racism against people of African descent exists GLOBALLY.

Recent events have thrown more light on the daily injustices people of African descent are suffering from around the world.

When we allow racist narrative to exist and be freely sold online, we cannot say racism is a thing of the past.

We were running a petition against Ebay and won! They've taken down the links.

Take a look at our petition here:

Ebay: Take Down Ten Little N!ggers NOW!

We demanded that Amazon act immediately - and they did after nearly 2,500 supporters signed our petition. Thank you for taking action!

We shall never sleep in the face of racial aggression and are equally disgusted to find Ebay is allowing 21 different sellers to sell the violently racist book written by Agatha Christie and entitled Ten Little N!ggers.

We also demand Ebay to TAKE DOWN all 21 of the racist books immediately!

The book cover includes a gollywog hung by the neck, a bloodied lamppost and an alligator no doubt reminiscing over the days of lynching and kidnapping African babies for alligator bait!

Caricatures of dead Jews would never be tolerate in today's world, so how can the same be accepted in the case of violence against people of African descent.

Let's stamp out racism in ALL forms.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition.

Here are the list of sellers profiteering from racial violence on Ebay:


>> Stay safe and continue to maintain and improve our strict hygiene routines.

>> Eat African vegetables to boost our immune system...

>> Let's not allow the lockdown to kill more of us than the Coronavirus… Look out for your elderly neighbours, single women with small children and make sure everyone has enough to eat. 

>> Exercise… Start with a stretching routine… go for a walk or jog (1 hour is allowed during the lockdown)… stay positive!

>> Download UmojApp and get today's Fact of the Day, stay up to date on the latest news and chat with each other in afriChat.

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