Our Story

UmojApp takes its name from the Swahili word “Umoja”, which means “Unity”, and the purple logo is the Umoja symbol of unity.  The colour purple signifies the royal essence of all people of African descent, as we are direct descendants of the first humans on Earth who were also the inventors of Civilization.

UmojApp provides a central platform for the best black owned businesses to interact with their primary market – people of African descent.  


UmojApp  also educates on a daily basis by sending notifications of significant facts and events from an African perspective directly to your mobile phone.  

Our Vision

The vision for UmojApp is to provide a unique platform for people of African descent to keep track of important events while discovering the fascinating facts shrouded in the mysticism of Black History and at the same time help them make
Black Social & Economic Empowerment a reality; 

UmojApp will highlight and educate people on the significant achievements and historical events from an African perspective; 

UmojApp will promote self-belief, ingenuity and achievement within the community as a whole, while offering a lifestyle changing mobile phone application will enable all people of African descent to interact and unite with each other globally.

afriPoints Rewards

Earn rewards with the powerful afriPoints Rewards Scheme that will enhance interaction with your local black owned business, so you can buy effortlessly for all your everyday needs and earn rewards. 

UmojApp is the only platform that helps people of African descent make personal and economic decisions that positively impact on their lives and their communities by simply subscribing and interacting on the UmojApp platform.

There are many ways to afriPoints by nominating and reviewing black owned businesses, by recommending UmojApp to new people of African descent, by purchasing from black owned businesses and much more..


The UmojApp business directory will notify you when you are near a black owned business.  


Start earning afriPoints now and download UmojApp. 


How it works

The wonderful UmojApp is powered by Afristoricals and is the only loyalty rewards scheme that focuses on providing a mobile and online phone platform for people of African descent to gain easy access to the best black owned businesses and make Black Social & Economic Empowerment a reality - globally. 


UmojApp allows interaction to flow with ease and creates an instantly available economic platform for people of African descent.


UmojApp is immediately available on download and you will start earning rewards and receiving notifications for free.  This instantly gives you the power to interact with the best black owned businesses and other people of African descent.  


Get immediate access to significant facts from pre-history through to the present day from an African perspective.  As well as all this, gain access to lifestyle, health, events, travel, media, educational and spiritual choices – all by people of African descent for all peoples of African descent.  


"The smartest product
in the market for
Black People"


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How it works



Tel: +44 (0) 208 248 7488

27 Old Gloucester Street

London WC1N 3AX

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