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Take steps to become part of a New Age African broadcasting movement.

A huge vacuum exists in today’s world of media, where broadcasters and production companies misrepresent African History and Africans living outside of the Motherland everyday.

Africa is the home of the oldest civilisation and has the richest history on planet earth, yet the image portrayed by mass media leads one to believe that Africans amount to no good and have never produced or contributed anything to civilisation.


afriTV aims to fill in this vacuum and offer a brand of broadcasting and will promote all of Africa’s vast achievements in a way that has never been seen before.

afriTV will be available on your UmojApp and you will get:

  • African History Channel

  • African Children’s Channel

  • African Music Channel

  • African Documentary Channel

  • African Drama Channel

  • African Movie Channel


By bringing African history and culture to the forefront of the viewing public, afriTV will set Africa off on a global media revolution, but we need your help!


When you contribute toward afriTV, you will become a stakeholder in this historic broadcasting venture and if we raise enough funds, you will receive 10 afriPoints for every £1 contributed on My UmojApp Unity Card.


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