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Africa Umoja
Umoja, the spirit of togetherness, is one of South Africa's pride and joy.

Travelling on the beats of drums, Umoja is a musical theatre that transports the audience into the history of South African music and dance.

Despite its occasional moments of reflection and pathos, Umoja is a loud, colourful and jubilant celebration of life that audiences whatever their cultural backgrounds have found infectiously delightful and uplifting.
Ancestral Voices
An educational media platform showcasing the documentaries 'Ancestral Voices' which cover traditional African spiritual systems; their cosmologies, philosophies and underlying ethical principles. The aim is to share accurate and unbiased information on it so a better understanding of it can be achieved in the mainstream, free from centuries old stigmatisation and religious oppression.
Atlanta Black Star
Atlanta Black Star was created to publish empowering narratives for all people of African descent and everyone who adheres to our culture.
Got Kush TV
got K.U.S.H = got - Knowledge, Unity, Strength & Health. Shining a positive light on black Culture. An alternative to main media.
Home Team History
Remembering our ancestors through reasonable dialogue and reclaiming the world from an African perspective. Join me as I discuss African history, culture and worldview and what it all really means to us today. I encourage us to learn and share our thoughts as this will help us reclaim Our story and pioneer a new culture of awareness.

"I am because we are and we are because I am"- African Diaspora
Sa Neter TV
The Black Child Agenda
Dealing with the unglamorous, no photo op, legalities of the British miss - education shit stem. *The Black Child Agenda*
Assisting Parents, mostly mothers, fighting a battle against deeply ingrained SYSTEMATIC abuse and racism.

Our children are truly watching our actions, not our words. What legacy will we leave when we ascend this plane?
The Real News
The Real News Network (TRNN) is a daily video news and documentary service based in Baltimore, MD and Toronto, Canada.
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Sa Neter TV